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                     Please read the following updated information (11/20/20) in regards to 

                            the COVID-19 coronavirus and how it will affect our services.

November 20, 2020 COVID-19 Update to Services from Kennebec Vet


Due to the recent increases in cases of the corona virus (COVID 19) affecting the State of Maine and more specifically the Central Maine area, we feel it is necessary to re-institute a “curb side only” policy for the mutual safety of our clients and staff.  Given the inability to maintain safe distancing within the hospital, specifically the exam rooms, clients will NOT be allowed to accompany pets inside for their appointments.  As we did in the past, when you arrive in our parking lot for your appointment time, call the clinic phone (465-8300) to check in with the staff.  They will gather all the information regarding your pet’s needs and/or appropriate history.  When we are ready to admit your pet in, a technician will call you back and have you deliver your pet to our door.  Be sure to bring your cell phone, a secure leash or carrier for your pet to the appointment!

Please keep your phone line open while your pet is inside with us as we may need to contact you regarding findings or recommendations.  Please remain in our parking lot during the exam time, allowing us to return your pet to you as soon as we are finished.  At the conclusion of the appointment, the front desk staff will call you to discuss payment options. We can process credit and debit cards over the phone or give you the total due to allow you to write a check which the technician can be given when your pet is brought out.

In cases with special circumstances, an owner may be allowed to accompany their pet inside.  These will be determined in advance on an individual basis.

While feeling strongly that making this change is the right thing to help protect us all, it does present some challenges.  We here at Kennebec Vet want to be able to stay open and available for your pet’s needs and feel that this is the best way in which to accomplish this safely.

For those clients that have upcoming appointments already booked, our staff will be contacting you in the near future to remind you of this change in plan.

We look forward to life getting “back to normal” but currently have no timeline established to end this change in how we will be handling appointments.   Please stay safe and contact us with questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Dr. Paul Smith and the Staff of Kennebec Veterinary Services

Kennebec Veterinary Services, Inc. in Oakland, Maine, has been Central Maine's trusted animal clinic for more than 80 years, providing the finest veterinary services for our four-legged friends. Our fully staffed, state-of-the-art clinic provides comprehensive wellness, surgical services, dental care and nutritional counseling for our patients. Plus, we're conveniently located right off the interstate. Come see why we've been providing the finest in veterinary services for more than 80 years!

If you have an emergency with your pet outside of our normal business hours, please contact one of the following emergency clinics.  (Clinics with a * next to the name are available for emergencies 24/7, while the others are generally available weeknights, weekends and holidays.)  We urge you to call them prior to transporting your pet.


Area Veterinary Emergency Service Providers:

Eastern Maine Emergency Veterinary Clinic, 15 Dirigo Dr. Brewer,  207-989-6267

Animal Emergency Clinic of Mid-Maine, 37 Strawberry Ave. Lewiston,  207-777-1110

Mid-Coast Animal Emergency Clinic,  191 Camden Rd.  Warren       207-273-1100

*  Animal Emergency & Specialty Care, 739 Warren Ave. Portland,     207-878-3121

* Maine Veterinary Medical Center, 1500 Technology Way, Scarborough,  207-885-1290

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Trusted Animal Care

We are here to meet the needs of your pets. It is our pleasure to serve you and the furry members of your family. Appointment times are available five days a week, however we realize that pets do not plan illnesses or injuries, and emergencies arise. We will do our very best to accomodate you as quickly as possible! If you are unable to keep an appointment, a call is much appreciated. For your pet's safety, we require that animals be placed on a leash or in a carrier when coming into the clinic.

At Kennebec Veterinary Services, Inc., we treat your pets like the valued family members they are.

Dr. Paul Smith
Oakland Veterinarian | Kennebec Veterinary Services, Inc. | 207-465-8300

36 Highland Drive
Oakland, ME 04963

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  • Dr.
    Paul Smith

    Dr. Smith was born and raised on his family's dairy farm in New Hampshire.  He received his Associates and Bachelor of Science degrees from the University of New Hampshire.  While at U.N.H. he was inducted into the Alpha Zeta Agricultural Honor Society.  He was also an active brother in Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity.  

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  • Laurie Boulanger
    Office Manager/Bookkeeper

    Laurie began working for KVS in the Fall of  1978 as a licensed veterinary technician, but she quickly became a valued 'go to' person in all aspects of the business.  She soon assumed the role of Office Manager/Bookkeeper and has been a beloved and welcoming presence to all.  Her exuberant personality and great customer service philosophy has made generations of clients feel welcomed and appreciated as well as confident that their pets are receiving the best of care.  

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  • Heidi Wessels

    Before moving to Maine, Heidi had lived in Maryland where she worked for two small animal practices as well as two 24 hour emergency clinics. She has been in the veterinary field for about 33 years, working as a front office coordinator, non-licensed technician and manager.  Her volunteer work with a local animal shelter in the Baltimore area prompted her to create a rescue league for the numerous unwanted pets, research animals and castaways.

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  • Renee Blodgett
    Head Tech/Mgr.

    Renee became part of the KVS team in 2005, after completing a technician externship with us.  After spending 12 years as an elementary school teacher, she decided to go back to school to pursue a degree in the veterinary field, her true passion.

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  • Tara Berube
    Animal Care Technician

    Tara joined the practice in 2010 as a Hospital Assistant and with hard work and dedication to doing everything well, has been promoted to Animal Care Technician.  She grew up on a small farm in Solon and now resides in Mercer.  She is the proud parent of three children.  He eldest son, recently married, is currently stationed in Okinawa, serving our country as a Lance Corporal in the United States Marine Corp.  With her younger children, she shares her home with four cats - Sassy, Malibu, Calamity and Mocha, and her two dogs- Bella and Bronx.

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  • Ashley Carver
    Veterinary Technician

    Ashley has always had a passion for animals. She grew up in the Oakland/Sidney area and graduated from Becker College with an Associates Degree in Veterinary Technology in 2018

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  • Stasha Baldwin
    Client Care Coordinator

    Stasha joined the KVS team in April 2018 after graduating from the University of Maine in 2017 with B.S. in Animal Scienece.  Currently, she and her boyfriend are raising beef cattle on their farm in Sidney and produce maple syrup during the Spring.  If free time becomes available, she enjoys horseback riding, helping on her family's alpaca farm and enjoying quality time with her family.  Their household also consists of a 6 year old Great Dane, Zeus, who loves running on the farm and attempting to play with the cows.

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  • "Amazing staff, amazing service! With 5 cats and two dogs I need the best veterinary service in town! We had a sick pig years ago that brought us to Kennebec Veterinary service and I'm thankful we found them!!!! Dr. Matulis saved one of my cats from a severe blood infection. So very grateful for the 24 hour emergency service! This Vet deserves 10 stars"
    - Heather M. / Oakland, ME

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